Assessment of water resources management, utilization and conservation in Mombasa polytechnic


Oruko R.O*. and Sojo O


Research Paper I Published July,2015


Journal of Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 1 (1), pp. 11-21


Environment Science, Department of Applied Science, Mombasa polytechnic, Kenya.

*Corresponding author E-mail: richardoruko@gmail.com.     

Mombasa polytechnic in recent years has experienced steady increase of population since its inception in 1972.The total population was 4746.This was projected to increase with the introduction of degree courses in future. This increase will put a lot of strain on the utility resources in the college, with water being the most affected because everybody makes use of it in the polytechnic. The current installed storage was 227,400 liter. The daily consumption of water was estimated at 248,110 liter. Official deficit was estimated at 23,200 liter while unofficial deficit due to illegal resident’s students was 103,200 liter. This study assessed the water resources management, utilization and conservation in Mombasa polytechnic by specifically finding out untapped potential sources of water, areas of wastage, sustainable conservation, and the purity of the current water supplied. Survey, participant observation and laboratory analysis designs were used to collect primary data. Random and purposive samplings were used on student’s respondents and key informants. Analysis employed descriptive statistics. The institution received water from six sources while the untapped potentials identified were also six. Leakage from 26 sampled sites was estimated at 177.76 liter per day. Conservation to include attitude change and prompt response of the students and’ management respectively. Faecal streptococcus was analyzed in water supplied, pointing at diffuse point of pollution. In conclusion water available was constrained. The study recommends, rain water harvesting, surface run off collection, sinking borehole, soil and water conservation, overhaul of supply systems, regular analysis of water supplied among other measures.

Key words: Water supply,  storage capacity, water consumption, water wastage, water tanks, water conservation, official residents, unofficial resident, water resources, hostels.

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