A Tutorial on E-learning Paradigms

Ismaila W. Oladimeji

Review I Published September, 2016

Research Journal of Engineering and Technology  Vol. 2 (1), pp. 1-11.




Online learning or e-learning is not only an important cost saving measure for corporations to train their staff and customers but it provides the flexibility and opportunities to reach out to a much larger audience. Schools and institutions have been using it to complement their existing classroom lectures. E-learning become the most used and popular teaching method in universities with availability of E-learning tools and techniques, development of technology communications and networks. This paper discusses the fundamentals of e-learning which include the trends of e-learning, e-learning modalities. Also, various learning paradigms were highlighted up to date with the inclusion of blended learning. The literature of the past review on relationship of e-learning paradigms was updated too. This work also brought to light the pedagogical designs of optimizing the e-learning paradigms. Furthermore, various management and administrative requirements of e-learning paradigms were discussed. And finally, different methodologies of evaluating e-learning paradigms were pointed out and analyzed.

Key words: E-learning, Blended learning, E-learning paradigms, E-learning modalities and Face-to-face learning.

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