Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Research Paper|Published December 2022|Vol. 7 (3): 31-37.


Influence of Teacher Supervision on Quality Early Childhood Development and Education in Nyamira-North Sub-County, Nyamira County, Kenya


Enidy Chris Boera and Peter Kimanthi Mbaka


Department of Education, Chuka University,Kenya.



The purpose of the study was to establish the influence of teacher supervision on the quality of early childhood development and education. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study targeted 97 ECDE Centres. A simple random sampling technique and a purposive sampling technique were used to select the respondents. Data was collected using a questionnaire and interview guide. The reliability of the instruments was estimated at 0.83 by the use of Cronbach’s Alpha Correlation Coefficient. The hypothesis was tested at alpha α = 0.05 using Chi-square model and simple linear regression. Qualitative data analysis from the interviews was categorized according to the themes based the on research hypothesis. Descriptive such as mean, standard deviation, percentages and frequencies was also used. The findings of the study revealed tha the decentralized  teacher supervision  function has a significant influence on the quality of ECDE in Nyamira South Subcounty of Nyamira County, Kenya with chi square value χ2 = 42.655 and P< 0.00 with 11.4% variation. The study recommended that decentralized government should ensure regular supervision of ECDE teaching and learning to improve the transition  and participation rate and competence achievement among ECDE learners.

Key Words:
Supervision,Decentralization, Quality, Early Childhood Development and Education, Competence, Transition rate.


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