Teachers’ Literacy and Gender Disparity towards ICT as Correlate of Students’ Academic Performance in Chemistry in Education District V, Lagos State, Nigeria


SAIBU, S. Olajide.,OGUNMADE, Taiwo. O,OGINNI, A. Maa rgaret and ALAKA, M. Olusegun


Full Length Research I Published July,2018


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 4 (2), pp. 30-37.


This study investigated teachers’ ICT literacy and gender disparity as a correlate of academic performance of chemistry students in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study employed both survey and quasi-experimental research designs involving a total of fifteen chemistry teachers (15) and four hundred (400) senior secondary school one (SSS I) chemistry students randomly selected from eight (8) senior secondary schools in Education District V of Lagos State, Nigeria. This study was guided by four research questions and three research hypotheses. Research data gathered were analysed using charts, chi-square, t-test, and regression analysis. The findings of the research showed that chemistry teachers have high literacy levels in the majority of the ICT packages used in the study and they often use them in their lesson preparation and classroom instruction. Results also showed that teachers’ gender has no influence on their literacy level in ICT; and that teachers’ literacy level in ICTs has significant impact on student learning outcomes in chemistry. Based on the research findings, recommendations were made which include that chemistry teachers and students should be encouraged to acquire computer skills and avail themselves to attend self-efficacy workshops and seminars with a view for them to improve their teaching and learning abilities in chemistry using ICT.

Key Words:
ICT, chemistry, teachers’ literacy, gender disparity, ICT packages, students’ performance.


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