Factors Influencing the Use of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Mathematics in Senior Secondary Schools in Mbale Municipality, Uganda


Bashiru Aliyu Gada and Umar Altine


Full Length Research I Published July,2018


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 4 (2), pp. 12-29.


The study discusses the factors influencing the use of instructional materials in the teaching of mathematics in senior secondary schools in Mbale municipality. The research design adopted for this study was a cross-sectional design that mainly utilized the quantitative method of data analysis. The number of questionnaires distributed to teachers was 96, out of which 91 were completely filled with a response rate of 94.8%. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistical methods consisting of chi-square and Pearson correlation coefficient. The Results showed a significant influence of the availability of instructional materials for teaching mathematics in senior secondary schools in Mbale Municipality. It demonstrated the appropriateness of instructional materials has a significant influence in teaching mathematics in senior secondary school in Mbale municipality. It also shows a significant relationship between the competence of mathematics teachers and use of instructional materials in teaching. The study recommended the following: teachers should realize that the use of instructional materials during lessons simplifies content and brings distant events into classroom situations for easy understanding; policymakers and administrators should work hand in hand and refurbish teachers’ resource centers at district level to help teachers get ideas and acquire more skills in designing appropriate instructional materials; and educational planners and administrators should always evaluate teachers’ competence in using instructional material when carrying out teacher selection and teacher evaluation.

Key Words: Mathematics, School, Uganda, Materials, Factors.


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