Students’ perception and attitude on ict integration in mathematics classroom


Rodulfo T. Aunzo, Jr. Ed.D and Joseph Anthony T. Climaco


Research Article I Published July,2015


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 1 (3), pp. 66-77


In the advent of the mobile gadgets such as cellphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and tablet, people in all walks of life are using them anywhere and anytime. These mobile gadgets are equipped with applications which can read pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, and documents. With these, a research study on Student’ Perception and Attitude on ICT Integration in Mathematics Classroom was conducted. This also investigated how mobile gadgets were utilized inside a Mathematics classroom during the teaching-learning process. With 93 sample students, the following findings were established: The students have a positive attitude towards mathematics, agreed if ICT will be integrated in the teaching-learning inside the classroom, still agreed after the ICT integration and evaluated the ICT integration as effective. Moreover, there is an increased level of agreement of the students after experiencing the ICT integration in Mathematics classroom, a significant relationship between the students’ attitude towards Mathematics and the students’ perception on ICT integration inside the classroom and a significant relationship between the students’ assessment on the effectiveness indicator of ICT integration and the students’ attitude on ICT integration.

Key words: Mathematics Education, Impact Study, Mobile Gadget, Mobile E-Learning, Students’ Perception and Attitude, ICT Integration, Mathematics Teaching-Learning Process.

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