Genus perspective of a female homo erectus, visualized by a torus and compared with vertical dumb bells in tidal resonance


Lena J-T Strömberg


Short Communication I Published February,2016


Journal of Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 2 (1), pp. 7-9



Female homo erectus was represented by the topology of a torus with a fractal substructure. With another model, heart and uterus are assumed to be a vertical dumb bell. This adopts results in terms of frequency couplings, which may be present to organize chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems. It was tacitly assumed, that for a dumb bell, the two parts may achieve organic properties, to act similar. An additional mass of about same size and weight was applied, to investigate if a resonance may be eliminated. Instead, with location outside at same vertical position as uterus, this gave blood before the cycle, but a not so large amount. There were also bleeding at the regular time of cycle, with a tremendous amount. The result was compared with the three moons of Jupiter, which has so-called Lagrange resonance, with ratios 2 for orbital rotation. The experiment was successful in the sense that it gave results which favor the dumb bell hypothesis.

Key words: Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Emergency Medical Services.


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