Article Abstract

Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies

Research Paper|Published September 2021|Vol. 7 (3):28-34.


Understanding, Approaches and Comportments towards Environmental Challenges in South-Eastern Nigeria


Madukwe Emeka R.* and Igbo Evelyn N


Department of Geography, Taraba State University, Jalingo, Nigeria



This study examines the understanding of scholars towards environmental challenges, as well as the connection between the environmental challenges, approaches and comportments in South-Eastern Nigeria. The Correlational Coefficient Analytical Technique (CCAT) was adopted in this study to ascertain the extent to which the three key variables (environmental understanding, approach and comportment), do correlate with one another and their possible effects on the sampled student population. Data was also elicited via environmental understanding test, environmental approach scale and environmental comportments scale. Furthermore, descriptive statistics and independent t-test were employed. The study among other things showed that environmental understanding did not have a higher correlation with environmental comportments (r = 0.21) than with environmental approaches (r = 0.46). However, environmental comportments were found to influence environmental approaches, by having a significantly stronger correlation (r=0.46) than environmental understanding (r = 0.21). The study, therefore, indicated a statistically positive correlation between the environmental understanding, approach and comportments on the surveyed environmental issues. Therefore, the environmental approach has a moderate relationship with the environmental understanding and comportments, although the relationship between the environmental understanding and comportments seems to be weak. The study, therefore, concluded that environmental understanding, approaches and comportments of participants do not have a significant difference. There is, therefore, the need to review extant curriculum to inquire into extant teaching practices with the hope to facilitate a clear-cut teaching approach geared towards sensitizing the students on the realities of environmental challenges, their consequences and measures to ameliorate, or at most, abating them.

Keywords:Environmental understanding, environmental enlightenment, environmental challenges, environmental approaches, environmental comportment.


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