Technical Education Research: A Practical tool for Self Reliance and Sustainable Development of the Third World


James Bassey Ejue and Bessong Fidelis Ejar


Review I Published June,2018


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 4 (1), pp. 1-5.


No nation can develop beyond her research capability.  A lot of hindrances oppose technical education research in third world countries, Nigeria, inclusive.  These identified problems are an inadequate supply of suitable research personnel, poor funding, poor attitude to research, inadequate research facilities, and poor means of coordinating and disseminating research findings, the enormous teaching workload of academic and technical staff preventing them from research.  These are the major problems that prompted this paper.  The paper advocates that technical education research should be productivity-oriented and for effective teaching.  It suggests that applied research should be adopted in our tertiary institutions because it is aimed at solving a particular national need or at adapting existing technologies to suit our local conditions.  It is recommended, among others, that: (1) sufficient funds should be made available for research and adaptive technology (2) Research and teaching facilities should be adequately provided to meet the demands of effective research and fabrication.

Key Words:
Self-reliance, Indigenous technology, Research, Craftsman, Innovation, Applied research, Basic research.


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