Student-generated Questioning and Quality Questions: A Literature Review


Donggil Song


Review I Published November,2016


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 2 (5), pp. 58-70.


Promoting students’ comprehension level is a global concern in education. For example, researchers report on students’ low-level of achievement in reading comprehension in different areas in the world. As an instructional technique to improve students’ reading comprehension level, student-generated questioning has been investigated. Student-generated questioning requires students to identify the important information after reading a passage, and to generate questions about the points that the students think important. Though there are large amounts of empirical research on student-generated questioning, few studies were conducted on incorporating theoretical basis, up-to-date issues, or highlighting the future direction with a pedagogical viewpoint. Therefore, this study reviews empirical and theoretical evidence of student-generated questioning as an instructional technique; summarizes theoretical foundations based on the empirical evidence; identifies current issues in this research field; and makes a suggestion for future direction based on the analytic review of empirical research. An extensive literature search was conducted for the purposes. Along with the effectiveness of student-generated questioning, theoretical frameworks, and the issue of quality question, consistent guidance, and the use of technology were discussed.

Key Words: Student-generated questioning, Comprehension, Scaffolding, Consistent Guidance.

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