The Relevance of the Audit Committee in Public Universities of Ghana:  The Case of the University for Development Studies


John Dadzie Thompson and Gilbert Ansoglenang


Full Length Research Paper I Published September,2018


Pearl Journal of Management, Social Science and Humanities Vol. 4 (1), pp. 1-12.


This paper attempted to look at the relevance of the audit committee in public universities of Ghana.  The target population of the study was the Directorate of Internal Audit staff and other administrative staff at the Central Administration of the University.  The method of selection was by simple random sampling and the instrument used was a questionnaire.  We analyzed the data collected using descriptive statistics as well as percentages.  The study results showed that a significant number of the respondents were not aware that the Audit Committee makes follow-ups on recommendations in internal audit reports, pursues implementation in all audit reports, and carries-out financial issues raised in reports.  Also shown from the findings was that a significant number of the respondents were not aware that the audit committee annually prepares a statement of the implementation of recommendations in all audit reports. They were not aware of the audit committee’s performance and authority. Accordingly, we recommended that the training and development section of the university should collaborate with the Internal Audit Directorate to organize training programmes for staff. It was expected that such training would enable staff members to appreciate the work of the Audit Committee better.  Staff would also be aware of the empowerment and authority of the Audit Committee to conduct or authorize investigations into matters within its scope of responsibility. Further, staff would become more aware of the ability of the internal audit and the audit committee to work together to ensure that there is value for money in all financial transactions.

Keywords: Audit committee, authority, performance, roles and responsibilities.

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