Evaluation of the Impact of Entrepreneurship on Nigerian Economic Development (A Case Study of Jalingo Local Government Area of Taraba State, Nigeria)


Susan Peter Teru


Research Paper I Published August,2015


Pearl Journal of Management, Social Science and Humanities Vol. 1 (4), pp. 69-77


This paper examined the inadequate entrepreneurship skill among the Nigerian youths and its contribution to unemployment rate in Nigeria. Some variables were identified as possible problems of acquiring entrepreneurship skills in Nigeria. The study focuses on ways that is needed and used to conceive and commercialize business opportunities. Nigeria especially in the face of the global economic crisis and its energy crisis requires graduates who will be job “creators” and not job “seekers”. Review of some related literature pertaining to the subject matter were identified in the study. Method used in collection of data was questionnaires. The method used in data analysis is table and simple percentage and the statistical tool used for testing of hypothesis was chi-square. Based on the findings the research made this: that Networking events among graduates is good such that workshops, seminars, symposia, lectures and so on be organized so that cross fertilization of ideas could take place.

Key words: Economic development, employment, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, Growth and unemployment.

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