Examining the Influence of Gully Erosion on Land Use Development in South Eastern Nigeria


Umunakwe Henry, C., Alozie Michael, C. and Eneogwe Innocent, C.


Full Length Research Paper I Published Novemebr,2018


Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies Vol. 4 (4), pp. 58-63


The consistent physical development in housing and reshaping of the natural environment by man constitutes a major factor in the weathering effect on the overall set up of the natural Anambra and Abia State environments. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of soil erosion on the built environment of Anambra and Abia States gully sites. The study, therefore, explains the causal factors and consequences of soil erosion ravages in the area. The systematic random sampling technique and laboratory analysis were employed in analysing data. The study relied both on primary and second-handed information. However, credence is given to primary source of data acquisition, through questionnaire, field surveys, spot measurements, and interviews and direct observations. Having being constituted of primary data, it is, therefore, evident that the study is a quantitative in nature, and as to that, laboratory testing is required in order to substantiate the facts. This is performed by testing and analysing soil samples from the selected sites. The analysed data were presented using Tables and Charts. The result of the study reveals that the influence of soil structure and slope gradient are dominant factors in the existence of soil erosion in the area. The soil in Agulu-Nanka is mainly composed of weak and porous materials that do not resist the force of water runoffs. The soil structure of Ndiegoro is predominantly sandy clay, this show that the soil formation is permeable, and does not retain much water, hence resisting the strength of water runoffs, especially where the slope is very steeply. Onu Ibina soil formation is porous and does not retain much water, hence having exacerbated impacts on the immediate land, and properties locate within steep and gentle slope gradients.  Therefore, there is the need to check the velocity of water runoffs in addition to levelling and greening the gully erosion sites.  

Key words: Accelerated erosion, deforestation, greening, soil structure, water concentration.

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