Environmental Estrogen-like Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and the Dangers they pose on Male Fertility: Review Case of Nairobi River Water


Şuheda Orselli and F. Erdeniz Ozel


Full Length Research Paper I Published June,2017


Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies Vol. 3 (4), pp. 48-51


About 2000 years ago, the Bafa Lake was formed as a natural lagoon due to filling of the alluvial materials to the front of the Latmos Bay, one of the biggest bay of the Aegean Sea, which were carried by Menderes River. The surface area of the Bafa Bay is about 75 km², it’s the location above the sea level 5 m, and it’s the deepest part 20 to 25 m. Aegean area is expanded on the N-S direction starting from Miocene seismically, one of the most active regions in the world. The seismic activity of the region caused the formation of the normal faults and grabens on the E-S direction. The Bafa Lake is affected by the active tectonic activity, because it is located within the Big Menderes graben. But, the scientific data of the Bafa Lake is too limited. For that reason, the geophysical studies are planned on the first step of the study. After completion of this study, the formation and morphology of the lake were found out by using seismic and magnetic techniques.

Key words: Active tectonic, Latmos Bay, Geophysical studies, Shallow water and Total magnetic field.

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