Prevalence of Intestinal Helmnth Infections among Two Selected Public Primary Schools in Bauchi Metropolis




Full Length Research  I Published May, 2016


Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research Vol. 2 (5), pp. 82-86



Intestinal helminths are globally endemic, affecting the health, growth and development of children worldwide. This study was carried out between November and December 2015 in order to determine the prevalence of intestinal helminths among two selected public primary schools in Bauchi Local Government Area, Bauchi State, Nigeria. Stool samples were collected from 110 pupils (64 and 46 from Kofarfada and Kobi primary schools, respectively) and analyzed using direct smear and formol-ether concentration technique. The results showed that, there was no significant difference (P>0.05) in the prevalence of intestinal helminths among the schools sampled. Kofarfada primary school had the highest prevalence for Ascaris lumbricoides (6.3%), Hookworm (3.1%) and Schistosoma mansoni (1.6%) while the least percentage prevalence of A. lumbricoides and Hookworm occurred in Kobi primary school with (2.2%) both. Similarly, there was no significant difference (P>0.05) in the prevalence of these parasites among the age groups, with age group 5 to 8 years highly infected with A. lumbricoides (7.0%) and Hookworm (3.5%) while 9 to 12 age group had the least prevalence of A. lumbricoides and Hookworm with (1.9%) both. Trichuris trichiura and Schistosoma mansoni was absent in stool samples of 5 to 8 age group but present in 9 to 12 age group with (1.9%) both. The male pupils had the highest prevalence of infection (10.3%) compared with female pupils (7.7%), although the difference was not significant (P>0.05). The study showed that intestinal helminthiasis was independent of age and sex. Even though the infection has low level, control measures such as chemotherapy, provision of adequate social amenities (toilets, portable drinking water, etc.), improved sanitation and personal hygiene as well as continues health education should be the focus of government and non-governmental health institutions in Nigeria for complete eradication of these parasites.

Key words: Prevalence, Intestinal helminth, Infection, Primary Schools, Bauchi and Metropolis.

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