Comparative Nutritional Compositions of the Leaves, Bark and Root of Nauclea latifolia


Faleye Francis Jide and Akinwumi Olubunmi Adenike


Full Length Research Paper I Published July, 2016


Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research Vol. 2 (7), pp. 127-130



This study investigates the nutritional composition of 50% ethanol: water extract obtained from the leaves, stem bark and root of Nauclea latifolia. The extracts were assessed for their proximate and mineral contents. The highest level of moisture, fat, protein, ash, crude fibre and carbohydrates were found in the root (12.48), leaves (4.72%), leaves (8.65%), leaves (6.75%), bark (13.35%) and bark (63.90%), respectively. Similarly, the mineral composition results showed that the bark was very rich in Fe and Zn; the leaf contained an appreciable level of Mn, while the root was very high in Ca, K, and Na. All the three plant parts contained low levels of Cu, while Cr was detected in a trace level only in the root. The present study showed that N.latifolia is rich in essential nutrients and its usage as food supplement for man and animal should be encouraged.

Key words:
Nauclea latifolia, Nutrients, Leaves, Bark, Root and Ethnomedicine.

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