Factors Associated With Human Visceral Leishmaniasis: Confirmed Cases And Co- Inhabitants in Minas Gerais State, Brazil


Monica Faria Quintanilha, Erica Barbosa Magueta, Elizabeth Castro Moreno, Alexandre Sylvio Vieira da Costa and Lucia Alves de Oliveira Fraga


Research Paper I Published January,2016


Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research Vol. 2 (1), pp. 5-13



Human Visceral Leishmaniasis (HVL) is increasing gradually in all regions of Brazil which is the third largest country focus of infection. Individuals with positive serology and are asymptomatic, are at high risk of becoming symptomatic if they are living with a family member showing HVL symptoms. This study aimed to evaluate demographic and serologic characteristics of confirmed cases (CC) and their co-inhabitants (Co-In) living in Governador Valadares (2010 to 2012). This study included 166 participants, 23 were CC and 143 Co-In. The results showed that males were more likely to be infected and 73.7% of the CC was unaware of forms of prevention. There was an association trend between infection and the habit of staying in the backyard.

Key words: Human Visceral Leishmaniasis, Risk Factors and Co-Inhabitants.

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