Significance of Floral Biodiversity Conservation in Kano State, Nigeria

Abdulrashid I., M. A. Dambatta, R.B Mukhtar, and A. Dantani


Review I Published September ,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (7), pp.117-120.



Biodiversity preservation, the act of ensuring and saving the riches and assortments of species, environments, biological systems, and hereditary decent variety on the planet is significant for our wellbeing, riches, nourishment, fuel and administrations we rely upon. It assumes a vital job in supporting numerous areas of advancement. The paper assessed the threats facing floral biodiversity in Kano state with a view to analyze the different species facing extinction ranging from trees, shrubs and grasses at different major land uses in the study area, different human activities that are responsible for floral biodiversity threats such as cultivation and grazing were also assessed. Documents from different sources were used to assess the plant where extinct. The study identified the economic importance of floral biodiversity, hydrological effects of floral biodiversity, and settlement effects of floral biodiversity as well as the condition of some plant species that are facing extinction in the study area.


KeyWords: Biodiversity, Floral, Extinction, Farmland and Grazing land.


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