GC-MS Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Stored Grain Legumes and Cereals from Selected Markets in Rivers State Nigeria

Egbecho E, Bob-Manuel R.B. and Zakka U


Full Length Research Paper I Published November ,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (9), pp.195-204.




This study analyzed pesticide residues in stored grain legumes and cereals from selected major markets in Rivers State Nigeria. The samples obtained were kept in labeled Ziploc envelopes before the laboratory experiments. The samples were divided into sub-samples where some parts were tested for Maximum Residual Levels (MRLs) of pesticides before storage, while other composite samples were kept in the laboratory for 153 days to observe insect emergence. The research was carried out at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education research laboratory and Austino Research Laboratory, Rivers State, Nigeria. Pesticide residues in samples were determined and quantified using an Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph with a 5973 Mass Selective detector (GC-MS) 30m × 0.25mm, i.d. fused silica capillary column chemically bonded with SE-54 (DB-5),1 micron film thickness. A total of 23 pesticide residues were detected which included organochlorine > herbicides > fungicides > organophosphates. The severity of grain damage after four months of storage ranged from undamaged to severely damage. The results of this study show that there was a high incidence of pesticide residues in grain legumes and cereals sold in the major markets in Rivers State Nigeria. Organochlorine pesticides are much in use by grain merchants and farmers in Nigeria especially for crop protection as they were found in appreciable concentrations in all the samples across the markets. There is the need for National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), None Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other relevant agencies to increase surveillance to check and control its illegal importation, sale and use.


Keywords: Toxicity, Maximum Residual Levels, Gas Chromatograph, Mass Selective Detector.


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