Impact of Protein Supplement on Reproduction of Tswana Goats in Semi-Arid Area of North West Province of South Africa

Tsheole M. S. and Mwanza M


Full Length Research Paper I Published May,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (3), pp.51-57.



This study evaluated the impact of protein supplements on the reproduction performance of female Tswana goats. Twenty-four female weaner goats 3 months old and 10.56±1.28 kg body weights were used. Animals were grouped into three treatments of eight in a randomized block design according to live weight, supplemented with concentrate mixtures consisting of 10% of maize, grass and soybean meal, informed based on their weight (3.5% of body weight) as treatment group 1 to 3. Observations on reproduction performances were made by following planned standard procedures. The results are that feeding of goats with more protein diet significantly increases production. Goats that received high concentrations of protein gave birth to twins as compared to others. The study revealed that protein supplementation effectively influences twinning. Finally, the survival rate of kids correlated with protein supplementation to the extent that the highest survival rate was observed among kids born from animals supplemented compared to control treatment.

Body weight, Dietary, Progesterone, Serum, Twinning.


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