Analysis of the Processing Performance of Agricultural Products by Agri-Food Industries in Côte d'Ivoire

Noufou COULIBALY, KONE Siaka, Yapo Magloire YAPI and Yao Daniel Mardochée KOUASSI


Full Length Research Paper I Published May,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (3), pp.42-50.



This study aimed to assess the degree of processing agricultural products. The Leontief model methodology was used with the Ivorian economy’s 2013 Supply-Use Table data. This study shows that: 77.66% of food production is consumed by households without any processing and about 60.22% of industrial crops are exported as raw product. Secondly, agriculture and Agri-Food Industries (AFIs) provide a very small amount of their products as raw materials to other branches of the Ivorian economy. This means, that agricultural product valorization demand is low, so is the level of processing of agricultural products by the Ivorian AFIs. It is therefore appropriate and necessary to adjust the AFIs to the potential of agricultural production with a view to a coherent agricultural policy. So, we propose that the Government should develop policies consistent with each other, and work towards a healthy business climate. The Government should boost and promote agribusiness. We recommend the encouragement and attraction of donors to develop the Agri-Food Industry. We also recommend the development of research on imported agricultural subsistence products, whether or not locally produced like rice, onion, belt, milk. The country has many opportunities to improve the rate of processing of agricultural products.

KeyWords: Agri-food Industry, Industry Dependence, Branch Integration Level, Value-Added Branch, Intermediate-Consumption Branch, End-Use Branches and Ripple effect.


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