Development and Performance Evaluation of a Mini Yam Boiling and Pounding Machine

M.O. Jimoh


Full Length Research Paper I Published July,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (5), pp.102-108.



Yam is the class of roots and tubers that provides about 200 calories of energy daily. The traditional pounding process is very tedious, laborious and unhygienic. The need for a machine that will combine boiling and pounding of yam to the desired quality with less human effort and time becomes expedient. A mini yam boiling and pounding machine was therefore developed using locally sourced materials for both domestic and commercial purposes. The major components of the machine are pounding chamber, frame, electric motor, shaft with crushing mechanism, heating element, and electrical compartment. Power input, angular speed, torque, power output, machine efficiency, heat transfer, shaft diameter and machine capacity were designed to be 1.54 kW, 146.00 rads-1, 7.88 Nm, 1.15 kW, 74.68%, 2.53 kW, 30 82 mm and 4.36 kgh-1, respectively. Four samples (A, B, C, and D) of pounded yam were presented for sensory evaluation and sample B was preferred using Hedonic scale. The results of the proximate composition of boiled and pounded yam were not significantly different at 5% level of probability. The machine is economically viable and profit-oriented.

KeyWords: Analysis, design, machine, pounded yam, process and viability.


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