Technical Sheet of Characteristics of Porridge Made from Millet, Maize and Cashew Almond

Jean Brice Gbakayoro, Anne Olga Amon Adouko, Kohi Alfred Kouame, Souleymane Traoré1 and Kouakou Brou


Technical Sheet I Published July,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (5), pp.96-101.



From millet, maize and cashew flour porridges for children's complementary foods can be made. The millet and maize flours used are obtained after crushing fermented and germinated grains, and cashew flours after crushing dried almonds. Formulations at precise proportions of these three different flours are made and 100 g of each formulated flour is cooked in 750 mL of water. The resulting porridges (FMaC0. FMaC20. FMaC22.5, FMaC25, FMiC0, FMiC20, FMiC22.5 and FMiC25) have an appreciated sensory profile (appearance, consistency, colour, aroma, taste, overall acceptability and ph) and a satisfactory biochemical composition (ash between 1.16 and 1.88 g/100 g, protein between 8.26 and 11.37 g/100 g, fat between 2.39 and 13.93 g/100 g, energy value between 387.83 and 440.85 kcal/100 g). This makes these porridges a real source of nutrients for children.

KeyWords: Porridge, Complement foods, Cashew kernel and Millet and Maize.


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