Response of Some Tomato Varieties to The Spraying of Organic Fertilizer

Kamal Benyamin ESho, Abdel-Raheem M. Sltan,  Esraa Abd. Al- huseein Jasim


Full Length Research Paper I Published April,2019


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 5 (2), pp.26-31.



To study the response of some tomato varieties to foliar application of Alga 600 fertilizer, three varieties of tomato (Madanapalli, Kumkum Kesari, and Kashi) and three concentrations of Alga 600 (0, 2, and 3 mgL -1) were used,  as completely randomized block design with factorial arrangements with three replications. Data were recorded for the number of flowers in the cluster, plant height, branches per plant, fruits per plant, fruit weight, length and diameter of fruit, number of locules per fruit, total soluble solids (TSS), yield per plant and yield per hectare. The result showed that the variety Kumkum Kesari have the highest of plant length, the number of branches per plant and the number of fruits per plant, while the variety Kashi gave the highest number of locules per fruit, fruit diameter, fruit weight, TSS, and total yield per hectare. Alga 600 at a concentration of 3mgL-1 gave the best results for all the traits during the study. The interaction between the variety Kashi and concentration of humic acid (3mg L-1) gave the highest values in most traits. The magnitude of phenotypic variance (б2p) was slightly higher in the plant height, number of branches per plant, fruit weight, number of fruits per plant, while the phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was higher than genotypic coefficient variation (GCV) for all the studied traits. High estimates of heritability were recorded for all characters under the study and it was more than 60%.

KeyWords: Alga 600, Genetic parameters, Heritability, Variety, Yield components.


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