Identification of Hindrances to Adapt Agricultural Machinery in Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, A.B.M. Shahed, Tangina Aktar Tamanna


Full Length Research Paper  I Published September,2018


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 4 (7), pp.134-144.




Mechanization plays a significant role in modern agriculture. The decreasing number of labor and increasing population makes agricultural production harder. So mechanization is needed to cope up with this situation. This study was conducted to identify major drawback behind mechanization of Bangladesh. The study was a surveyed analysis and conducted in 8 villages in Sylhet, Cumilla and Gaibandha district in 2017-2018. The result shows that 95.71%, 100%, 85.71%, 78.58%, 71.42%, 92.85%, 97.14% farmers were thinking that fragmented land, high machinery price, lack of maintenance, inadequate extension service, poor transportation, lack of loan service and big machinery size is the main drawback for mechanization respectively. The result also shows that farmers’ financial, social and cropping system condition does not suit properly. The current study was found that a healthy agricultural mechanization policy must be formulated immediately including machine development and manufacturing, quality protection by standardization of machines, skill development of researchers, farmers, mechanics and machine operators and marketing system improvement. In this study, a theoretical model was recommended for resolving these problems. It is recommended that government should set up agricultural machinery industries which should be developed or purchase and hired out to small-scale farmers at a subsidized rate to increase the level of mechanization of certain farm operations in the middle belt states of the country. If the production process can be stimulated by modern farming techniques and mechanical aids the goal of sustainable agriculture can be achieved and ensure food security.

Key Words: Adaptation, drawback, farmer, policy, model, mechanization.


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