Food Safety and Agenda 2063: How are Africa’s Food Safety Regulations and Policies Aligned to its Agenda 2063?

Jane Ezirigwe


Full Length Research Paper  I Published October,2018


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 4 (8), pp.165-172.



Notwithstanding African Union’s Agenda 2063’s goal on healthy and well-nourished citizens, more than 91 million Africans fall ill due to foodborne diseases every year. In sub-Saharan Africa, where food insecurity, political instability, communicable diseases and natural disasters are rampant, food safety is of critical importance because of its aggravating impact over the above concerns. This paper adopted the doctrinal method to examine regional and national efforts in curbing foodborne diseases in Africa and achieving the Agenda 2063’s goal. It was observed that the existing food legislation in most African countries is outdated, inadequate and fragmented, thus creating an inevitable confusion among food control enforcement agents. The paper urged African lawyers to act as agents of change, by holding companies responsible for their negligence and demanding compensation for victims affected by foodborne diseases. It concluded that the most significant approach to ensuring Africa’s food safety is efforts made at the national level through laws, policies and judicial activism.

Key Words: Agenda 2063, Foodborne diseases, Food regulation, Food safety, Public health


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