Diversity and Bio Ecology of Orthoptera in some Habitat types in the North East of Algeria



Full Length Research Paper  I Published March,2018


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 4 (2), pp.18-31




The biology and species diversity of Orthoptera was carried out in some habitat types of Jijel region from the year 2000 to 2001 and then from 2011 to 2013.The selected habitats were suitable for identified studies on Orthoptera. Random sampling was applied to estimate species richness, occurrence, abundance, fairness, and diversity. Population estimates were sampled from transects lines 50 m x 10m wide divided into 5 quadrates and numbers were used to generate data for Orthroptera species presence in various habitats. Collected specimens were killed using ethyl acetate and preserved in plastic bags for laboratory identification using keys. The results revealed that a total of 32 species were sampled during the study period. Majority of them are Cealifera in particular Acrididae represented mainly by Oedipodinae and Gomphocerinae. Texenna, Beni Caid and El Aouana presented the highest species diversities; Beni Bélaid and El Emir Abdelkader are the two poorest resorts. The majority of  locust species are eurytopes. They are present at least in two habitat types except Pyrgomorpha laevigata and Locusta migratoria which have only been encountered in a single station and then considered as stenotopes.The most constant species  were  Calilptamus barbarus  Ailopus strepens  Oedipoda caerulescens and Dociostaurus  jagoi.The important  relative abundances Orthoptera were in order of importance C. barbarus  and  D. jagoi in  Texenna,  El Aouana,  Beni Bélaid and Beni Caid. The other species were Acrotylu longipes (Jijel) and Ochrilidia tibialis (El Emir Abdelkader). Concerning the sex ratio males were more numerous than females especially in autumn 2011 and summer 2013 in Kissir. Ecological analysis was performed to quantify abiotic factors that impact abundance and distribution of the Orthoptera populations in Jijel region. From the result obtained we concluded that the most dominant Orthoptera species in the region of Jijel is C. barbarus particularly in the locality of Texenna. This species thus merit a special attention.

Key Words: Acridofauna, C. barbarus, diversity, Frequency, Jijel, species, sex-ratio


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