Status of Agricultural Mechanization in Sylhet Region

Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, Rehnuma Mobin Maisha and Md. Tuhinul Hasan


Full Length Research Paper  I Published July,2018


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 4 (5), pp.106-111




The purpose of the study was to assess the modern agricultural technologies used in Sylhet and develop statistical information. Three places such as Sylhet Sadar, Golapganj and Nabiganj were selected. The manufacturers, entrepreneur, service providers along with input supply traders and farmers were considered as the population of the study. Two sets of interview schedule for farmers and manufacturers were developed. Present status was analyzed based on tillage practices, weeding and insect control practices, irrigation management system, harvesting and post-harvesting operation and drying and storage facilities for rice production. It was observed that 83.23% people were engaged in agriculture from which 57.73% were literate. The total estimated land was 59.678%, 36.024% and 4.298% of cultivated using power tiller, tractor and draught animal respectively. Shallow water pump covered 93.75% of total irrigation. The threshing operation was done 20-30% by thresher machine. Crops were still dried through sun drying.  Modern agricultural technologies present an increasing rate based on the collected data from 2014-2017. The government should develop proper planning by investigating present status of mechanization and improve the present condition by increasing machinery utilization.

Key Words: Agriculture, Technologies, Farmer, Manufacturer, Mechanization.


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