Sensory Characteristics of Ready to Drink Juice and Yoghurt Analogue Made from Balanites Aeqyptiaca Fruits Pulp Products

Ogori A.F., Wakawa, L. D., Makinde.O.J and Feyi F.A.


Full Length Research Paper  I Published May,2017


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 3 (3), pp.52-58





Studies on organoleptic quality of drink, yoghurt from balanites aeqyptiaca fruits pulp at various pretreatment of cold mashing, Ten minutes of fruit pulp boiling sixty minutes of fruits pulp boiling using sixty trained panelist from both academic and non-academic staff of the faculty. These treatments investigated were given the following dilution rations of (80:20)%, (70:30)% and (50.50)%, respectively for blends. Results showed that panelist preferred balanites juice made from 60 min of boiling for pulp drink for taste, appearance, flavour and general acceptability these were significantly at (0.5)% level. Similarly, yoghurt blends from 60 min pulp boiling at (50:50)% ration blends were significantly different at 0.5% levels of significance for taste , appearance, flavour and general acceptability however most preferred analogue yoghurt than the other ration blends.

Key Words:
Sensory characteristic, Balanites fruit, Ration blend, Treatments, Drink and yoghurt.

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