Consumer Perception and Acceptance of Meat Products from Serbia

Jasna Đinovic-Stojanovic, Klaus Troeger, Milan Ristic, Nemanja Knezevic and Milica Damnjanovic


Full Length Research Paper  I Published March,2017


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 3 (2), pp.22-28





The aim of this study was to evaluate consumers’ perception and acceptance of selected meat products from Serbia. Sensory evaluation was performed by Serbian consumers in Belgrade and by DLG (German Agricultural Society) experts in Germany. Three types of salami (chicken, homemade and beef) were sensory evaluated by consumers (n=1157) in three retail stores in Belgrade. Consumers rated the taste, salt content and smoke of salami. Chicken salami was evaluated with the highest marks; more than 70% of consumers evaluated its taste as good and salt content as well-balanced; 90% of consumers rated the smoke flavour as balanced. Between 2009 and 2016, 165 traditional meat products from Serbia were sensory evaluated in accordance with the DLG-5-points-scheme in Germany. All analysed meat products were recognised with DLG awards (57% received gold medals, 31% silver and 12% bronze). The main deficiencies of the Serbian meat products, as determined by the DLG experts, were related to their consistency, odour and taste. Some products were evaluated as “sour”, “smoke too strong” and “sinew component too high”. However, considering the positive DLG evaluations, there are clearly good marketing opportunities for traditionally manufactured meat products from Serbia to be placed on the EU market.

Key Words: C
onsumer perception, sensory properties, traditional smoked meat products.

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