Development and sensory evaluation of yoghurt flavoured with solar dried fruits

Ndabikunze B.K., Mumba F.G., Ngowi H., Chove L, Mongi, R. and Abdulsud I.


Full Length Research Paper  I Published December,2017


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 3 (7), pp.125-131



A study of developing solar dried fruit (5%) flavoured yoghurts using three types of fruits was conducted to determine acceptability and shelf life of developed products. A total of six samples namely banana, mango, pineapple, banana/mango, banana/pineapple and mango/pineapple were used as flavours in yoghurts. They were added either as fruit pieces or as powders. Shelf life projection study suggested that developed yoghurt products could be stored for up to 21 days at 4 °C without undergoing spoilage. Plain yoghourt (control) was the most liked sample and scored highest mean values for all attributes, which was significantly different from all other samples (p<0.05). Among the fruit flavoured yoghourts, mango was the most preferred sample in terms of flavor, aroma and general acceptability whereas the pineapple was the least acceptable. Although yoghurts flavoured with fruits pieces scored higher mean values in all sensory attributes than yoghurts flavoured with powdered fruits, no significant differences (p>0.05) between the two forms of fruit flavours was found. This needs to be further investigated. Thus, although the control was the most liked sample, solar dried fruit can be successfully used as yoghurt flavour, which may improve the texture and nutritional quality of the formulated yoghurts, making them available throughout the year, hence increasing farmer’s income.

Key Words:
Acceptability, coliforms, fruit flavours, sensory evaluation, shelf life.

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