Assessment on Growth of Eucalyptus maidenii in Horizon Sopyrwa Forest in Nyabihu District, Northwest Rwanda

Sauti Raymond


Full Length Research Paper  I Published November,2016


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 2 (10), pp.154-163





The research has investigated the growth and predicts the volume/hectare to be harvested after 15 to 60 years in five age groups of Eucalyptus maidenii in two woodlots in Horizon Sopyrwa forest in Nyabihu District, Northwest Province of Rwanda. The growth and stocking parameters such as diameter at breast height (DBH), Tree height, basal area/ha (G), the volume/ha(V) and the Mean Annual Increment at the age of 15 years were measured in stand 1 (Aidel) and stand 2 (Nyaruhonga) of the plantations. The mean tree volume obtained was 0.8963±0.1725m3 and 0.3537±0.1302m3 for stands 1 and 2, respectively while the corresponding mean volume/ha on the sites was 363.9031±32.7623m3 and 116.1364±21.6221m3, respectively. A higher mean annual increment in volume of 24.2603 m3/ha/year was obtained in stand 1 whereas 11.8669m3/ha/year in stand 2. The results clearly indicated that, the harvestable yield for stand 1at the recommended biological rotation age of 42 years will be 1413m3/ha while the stand 2 at 53 years will be 1390m3/ha. Thus, it can be concluded that in Horizon Sopyrwa, stand 1 is more productive as compared to stand 2.

Key Words: Basal area, Diameter at breast height (DBH), Growth, Mean annual increment, Stocking parameters, Tree height and Volume

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