Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology - Table of Content: May 2016,2(4)



Research Papers

Studies on Disease Complex Incidence of Meloidogyne Javanica and Fusarium Oxysporum F.Sp.Lycopersici on Resistant and Susceptible Tomato Cultivars

Hajji Lobna, Regaieg Hajer, M’Hamdi-Boughalleb Naima and Horrigue-Raouani Najet


Research Paper
A New Ex-Situ Method to Investigate Aerobic Stability of Maize Silage Faces

Jungbluth K, Maack C, Büscher W, Sun Y, Cheng Q, Menghua L and Hong C


Research Paper
Effect Of Different Soil Moisture Levels At Reproductive Stage On Rice Grain Quality

Roseline T. M. Bleoussi, Innocent Bokossa Yaou, Mamadou Fofana, Nestor H. I. Bassole, Guy A. Mensah4, Nébpawinde Kabore and Célestin K. C. Tchekessi