Production of ice cream using cissum populnea as wet ingredient

Ogori A. F., Tanko  S, Joeguluba J, Danjuma M  and  Alex Onyeocha O.U

Research Paper I Published March, 2015


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 1 (1), pp.7-10



The study identified the use of Cissum populnea in the production of ice cream using control. The study adopted the percentage, research analysis design involving 40 respondent populations including students and lecturers for sensorial analysis. The result showed that, C. populnea can take the place of egg in the production of ice cream, and maybe due to its high food value compared to cholesterol in egg white. Sample A contains no egg mix and emulsifier, showed similar sensorial attribute like the control. This was followed closely by sample B and C which have varied proportional content of egg mix, cissum gum liquid and emulsifier.

Key words: Production, Cissum gum, ice cream, sensorial analysis.


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