Effect of elemental sulphur on soil micronutrients mobility

Karimizarchi M. and H. Aminuddin


Research Paper I Published August,2015


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 1 (3), pp.34-42





To elucidate the effect of elemental sulphur (S) on nutrient release and its relationship with soil pH, maize plants were grown for 45 days under glasshouse conditions with 0, 20 and 40 days of soil incubation with different amounts of elemental sulphur including 0, 0.5, 1 and 2g S kg-1 soil. Soil samples were retrieved before and after maize planting and were extracted by un-buffered and neutral solutions of CaCl2. The nutrients in the solution were determined by an inductively coupled plasma spectrometer. The results exhibited that addition of elemental sulphur significantly increased concentration of micronutrients in Bintang Series soil. Additionally, the release and mobility of each nutrient started at specific pH. The pH value at which Fe, Al, Zn and Mn concentrations significantly increased are 3.94, 5.26, 5.26 and 6.29, respectively. In conclusion, when used in appropriate amounts, elemental sulphur can efficiently enhance soil fertility by providing micronutrients for balanced fertilization.

Key words: Elemental sulphur, soil pH, Soil nutrients.


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